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The Approach

Partner - Build - Grow

Our AI and Software Approach

We are creating blockchain technology which will create new Dapps and upgrade existing ones. Then we will become not just a blockchain or cryptocurrency company, but also one of the world's best sources of data!

The marketing message for NewCurr is based upon our core culture for safety and intelligence in software, Blockchain development, and Decentralized applications. This message and our technology is aimed at collecting data from the anonymous to promote better community well-being.

We faced and approached technological innovation and we answered a critical problem:

Intermediaries can stunt the exponential and organized growth that could occur as well as pose major threats to individual security . A new question is now proposed… “How can we build universal value?” See our innovative answers!

For more in depth information regarding our new blockchain technology, white paper, further circulatory currency documents, business plan, In-house or partnered Dapps, please contact our team.

The Pallas-Athena Coin Offering By The Numbers


Circulated (Post-Mining)


Circulating (immediate)






Pre-Token Sale


Token Sale


Post-Token Sale


The strength of the team is each individual member. The strength of each member is the team.
— Phil Jackson - Most NBA championships as a coach
Our Philosophy

The Foundation of NewCurr



NewCurr helps answer the complex question on Universal Value. Founded by industry professionals and young bright talent in the Blockchain space. We build social and economic value through our software that creates new modes for decentralization of information, Blockchain tech, and Artificial Intelligence.



At first, NewCurr will provide a brand new state of the art Blockchain called “Pallas-Athena” a decentralized learning machine harnessing data to create the best software for our customers and B2B solutions for our business partners. These solutions for both areas of interest will also be based around our crypto coin “Pallas”…this allows access into the network on top of its basic function as a coin.



With proof of work on how the Pallas-Athena Chain operates, take a look at how we will build our “Olympus Project” community and create original and new decentralized software concepts. The following Dapps, including DataCurr, Equicurrency and Debtmet will not be holding a token sale. Read our whitepaper.



Since Pallas is built using the Pallas-Athena engine, it will not only be more adaptable to big data information scales compared to other coins, but it will also create a sustainable and accurate data feed. This is validated worldwide.

This coin will also be cross compatible, with the ability to be traded on Ethereum engines. Lastly, this coin will bring miners to our network, by offering incentive to increase Athena’s processing power and learning techniques overtime.

We’re also developing “Spartan Coin” this is special inquiry that can be presented upon request.

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